My limit switches have never worked

I see that this has been a subject of discussion in the past, but I don’t see where there has been a solution. Can anyone give me an Idea what I need to do. I moved my X-Carve Pro to a new shop so I had to disassemble and reassemble and thought that reassembly may fix the problem but not.

you may want to contact inventables support directly.
The outcome of most of those prior posts was replacement limit switches.
The root cause usually being that unfortunately the switch used isn’t the most robust limit switch and a rather aggressive crash into the switches will damage them. So if you contact support they will likely mail out replacement switches for you.

Hey Kevin,
Unfortunately, this was something that was happening to me a lot and inventables did send me several to have on hand… if you are in warranty definitely worth hitting them up. You can also find the Omron Switches on other websites too if you are out of warranty.

I haven’t had as much of a problem lately – it’s still on my list to replace them permanently with something better.

Good Luck!

Is there a specific model number or anything for the omron switches? Or should I just get standard limit switches (like I use for my 3d printers)? Thanks!

Hey Tim,
I believe it’s:
(Or a variation of this style)

If you are still under warranty I’m sure inventables will send you some if yours have failed.

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