My "Mostly Printed CNC" build

Not an X-Carve thing. Not an Easel thing. Just putting it in “uncategorized”.

This is my Mostly Printed CNC, found on Thingiverse

Certainly never a replacement for an X-Carve, but for something that goes together quickly and cheaply, it’s a nice second machine. I’m going to be using a JTECHPhotonics laser kit and using it to cut/engrave a little for projects where the CNC is just too much of a monster.

Also, this will live in my basement since it’s quiet and won’t throw so much dust around.

Figured the maker nerds here would appreciate it, even if it’s not an awesome X-Carve.

I am working on a similar project for my JTech laser. It is based on the Mr. Beam project found here

I am working on the 3D parts and a friend is cutting the wood frame pieces.
I have a spare Arduino and Gsheild that will power it.