My new Pizza Controller Enclosure

I’m back after waiting on the slow boat of parts everything came in and I finished my new enclosure for the 500mm X 500mm version. Here is a link to to files and let me know what you think. It has everything my FluxController did but I added a new port for a Z-Probe that I forgot last time.

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Here are some pretty pictures.

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I like the idea, but how do you plan on keeping dust out of the machine? Even if the fan on top is blowing out, that’s a lot of area underneath for piles of dust to fall through the inserts and collect on the board, eventually moving into the box.

Cool idea, but I agree with Robert. Potential for lots of dust getting in box and not much air flow. Things might run a little on the hot side.

Yep two fans one on the top and one on the side blow outwards while on on the back is the vent. All of the fan covers have filters in them and the box is pretty well sealed. That’s why I did a full lip all the way around the top for the lid to help keep the dust down.

If the fans are blowing out, no need for filters on them.Does the vent/air inlet have a filter?

Yes, all the vents and fans are the same with the same filter on them. That way I can flip or change which ones are blowing in/out or just a vent. It’s a little overkill but at $1 a piece it makes it easier.

It’s a great project and nicely done. I’d build a dust cover, though. The machine creates mountains of dust.