My New XCARVE Table! Fully Loaded

I know there’s a showcase thread but I really wanted to show this on its own especially since I took a ton of pictures. Anyways this took me quite a bit of time to do! I based my Design off of a plan that was offered on here but I changed up allot of stuff and never landed up following the plans. I finally got it all wired up and running! I really hate messy wires so I did my best to hide everything! It turned out great and so far I love the table! Here are a ton of pictures and I also included a video if anyone wants to see how the fancy display thing works! It was really fun carving it out and wiring it! A whole ton of wires back there.

And the video, its raw footage and I used my new microphone, so unsure if it is super loud or not. I don’t run the machine so It should be good, also mind my rambling. Anyways enjoy! If you have any questions or think I did something dumb feel free to ask or say something! I’m really happy with how this turned out! I only wish I could find a damn dust collector bin that wont collapse on itself.


xcarve cribs…


Sometimes ya just gotta set aside all the projects for friends and locals and do something for yourself. It felt good to finally finish something that I could use. It seems to be pretty handy so far.

Thank you for the feedback