My opinion on the Easel Pro FREE days

We love our x-carves first off. My only issue is that we bought 3 machines, 2 we use here 1 we sent to our son in Baltimore. My question is, we get an Easel account for each machine which allows us 8 days a month to use PRO. This is highly inconvenient. Since we then have to remember which account a design was created on. We think it not only smart but fair to allow people to merge accounts and use all 8 days together under one sign in.

After all, you have on record that the machines were indeed bought, using the order number as a “tag” to validate the number of free days a person gets.

IE: If you buy one, you get 4 days, buy 4 machines get 16 days, etc etc

Please consider this.

I use vectric desktop exclusively.
I am the one in control.
I can use it anytime I want.
I am not tied to the “cloud”
I am in control of all my data all of the time.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my X carve.
I think its a great machine.
But if you listen and read all of the complaints,easel is about as worthless as they come.

I use a little program called PixelCNC for the same reasons JanVanderlinden uses Vectric Desktop, except it’s cheaper and easier for me to use.

Oh I have V-Carve and love it… but I have many occasions I just need to run a quick and I mean quick line of text on something… usually a gift we are giving away. I was just expressing my opinion since we have 3 machines. LOL

Also, with Vcarve you would need three licenses according to their rules which adds up.

I don’t think that’s correct… I have it installed on 6 computers and there has never been an issue.

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