My PC and Blue Carve Turbo CNC are not talking

I Just purchased Easel Pro, because Easel stopped mid cut. Set up the job again pressed the carve tab and it changed to Export. It did cut out design
I have a 1.5m*1m Blue Carve Turbo CNC


Don Scott

It sounds like youre have a usb connection issue on the pc.
You’ll want to disable usb selective suspended and all other power saving settings… also if its a laptop then ensure its plugged into power and try to use a usb cable less than 3m long.

Brand new pc and machine wifi no problem. Program stopped mid job and router went to home position XY axis ok But Z axis is at the upper limit. Program top right corner tab is frozen on Export???.

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Finally got my CNC to play nicely.
The issue was a certain company (Micro$$#$) would not ally me to install UGS. I had to drop the firewall to allow the download… Once this was done I completed my first project.
I will now start on the letters of the Celtic Alphabet I have over 1,000 letters to choose from and other art work I have done in the past 30 years.
Thanks for your help Seth CNC

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