My PC no longer recognizes the port to which the X-controller is connected

My PC no longer recognizes the port to which the X-controller is connected. For several weeks I have been having issues with the communications being dropped in the middle of jobs. But now, there is no communication at all. It appears that the Arduino/GRBL board is no longer functional as the PC does not see anything attached to the USB cable. That being the case, I cannot re-flash GRBL to the controller. Has anyone had similar problems? Any suggestions? I am using Window 7 and UGC , The USB cable is good, as I have connected a spare Arduino UNO board to it and the PC recognizes the device and assigns a COM port to it.

Might seem obvious, but have you restarted the PC and connected the x-controller when no programs are open?

Yes I have given that a try. After the successful UNO connection, I reconnected the X-controller which failed again.

It’s my opinion that the Arduino/GRBL board is bad and needs to be replaced. Has anyone purchased one from Inventables? P/N 16039

Make sure Baud Rate is 115200. That is the most common problem.

The baud rate is correct. I found the problem to be the USB plug in at the x-controller. I bypassed the plug in at the x-controller bulkhead and went directly to the mini usb port on the Arduino/GRBL board and it functioned properly. Had to understand why the adapter failed, but it did.

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