My Solution for dust on the tracks

Hey Everyone just
wanted to share my solution to the Y track dust problem. I have my 1000x1000 in
a 4ft x 4ft box with lid so it keeps the dust inside and I vacuum until a get a
dust boot but until then I came up with a solution for the dust. I didn’t want
to unbolt and side nuts or drill because my machine is setup perfect it level
and everything works perfect unbolting would just mess things up. So I came up
with the large clips you use to hold a bundle of papers together if you squeeze
it open it fit perfect in the two grooves on the tracks on the rails. Tried
drilling but the steel is to hard so I epoxy some bolts to then and mounted 5
on each side then I bought some rubber baseboard molding at Home depot drill
some holes and mounted then to the clips. Good part is aligning is easy after
drill the 5 holes I just slip the clip to the location and put a wingnut on.
Because it’s rubber I put it up higher and you can see from the photo it just
slides easy.