My Useless Machine

My version of the classic Useless Machine.
George Carlin’s quote resonates more than a little with me…


Can I ask if there are wiring plans and an internal part list for this? This is awesome.

As @AngusMcleod mentioned, that looks like a servo in that “schematic”, but it’s more likely just a regular old geared DC motor. It could be a modified servo, made to work like a geared DC motor.

Sorry guys, I can’t help much by way of plans or systems. I had a old pre-made box and I simply re packaged it’s innards into a new box. Apologies - rereading the post it looks like it was all my work.

Woodworking and metalwork I can do. Electronics, not so much…

Kind of like this type of thing…

If it helps, there’s a circuit that’s always trying to return the “finger” back into the box. It stops because it hits a limit switch.

Turning the toggle switch on the outside, switches the circuit so the motor is reversed, driving it the other way. The “finger” comes out, turns the switch which reverses the circuit and drives the “finger” back until it hits the limit switch.

There are two LED’s and resistors to light up, one for each direction.