My version of a stamp

So, I made a stamp. pretty simple. Just used easel to cut away the material I didn’t want to show on the stamp and flipped it horizontally so that the text would be straight when stamping.

I did purchase this item:

Which was horrible to cut. Didn’t work well at all. Way too rubbery to cut correctly. But then again maybe if I had slowed down it would’ve worked better but that wasn’t happening since the 1.5"x2.75" carving I did do, took about 2.5 hours or so.

Here is the material I ended up using:

It is the bottom of a “gum rubber tile float” it almost feels like leather on top of a thick layer of foam.

Here is the file I was trying to make a stamp of:

Here is the outcome:

What do you think? How can I get more detail out of a stamp even though it is so small? It seems like every bit less than like 6mm would just snap off. Finally got the 6mm one working and it worked fine to get me those results. Remember this is 2.75" wide by 1.5" tall. And I realize I ended up skewing the stamp a little to make it fit the way I wanted (it’s fatter than it should be)

Thanks guys and gals! Happy Holidays!

Have you considered milling a negative of the stamp in a material that takes small details well, and then casting the stamp in that negative mold out of something more flexible, like a silicone rubber?

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was going to suggest casting also. maybe wax? then silicon mold?

I used the gray linoleum from Inventables to make a small stamp with my logo on it last week, and it seemed to do well. I used a detail bit that was 0.030" in diameter and ran at 0.020" DOC and 20 IPM with no problems.

dont know if this could help.

I think I will try the linoleum first with an engraving bit. I think the engraving bit is the thing I need and don’t currently have. Also, it may help if I use vcarve instead of easel, maybe it will show more details like smaller lines and gaps…

Trial and error. We’ll see how it goes I guess.

I also like the idea of casting it, and may try that as well.

Thanks for all of the input.

glad to help. that project i linked uses the linoleum method.

keep the casting idea in your back pocket. may be useful in the future. Besides, lost wax is always fun. Except when it’s not.


Check out the linoleum stamp making contest entries for ideas, tips, techniques, etc. and plus, you’ll know who to ping if you have any questions about feed rates, depth of cut, etc.