My waste board arrived (damaged)

I finally got my wasteboard a day early. Unfortunately UPS decided that fragile means drop the package on a corner. Now what will I do… My home brewed temporary one is not very flat and needs a bunch more hold down screws. Arghhh

that sucks! hope it works out!

to make light of the situation… this should be titled (my waste board arrived(wasted)


I hear ya, my box came with dog poop smeared on the side (hopefully not an omen).

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True, you could also shave it down and apply a woodglue sawdust mix to it. Then just sand off the extra.

I will probably add some woodworkers glues and use some clamps to force it back into shape.
I have a bunch of signs to make and can;t wait for a new one to make it to Garden City Beach, SC

My wasteboard and clamps are on backorder, hopefully yours arriving means mine isn’t far behind.
Ive assembled about 50% of the machine, and the next steps would be easier with the wasteboard.
Sucks its broken, but gluing, filling, and clamping could make it almost back to 100%… it is just the corner.

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mine came damaged. it didn’t bother me at all.

Watered down Elmer’s Woodworkers glue and some clamps & angle aluminum and it is back in shape.
Sprayed it with some clear polyurethane to seal it up since I live about a mile and half from the beach.

Exact same thing happened to me. Contact Inventables. Although you can trim and it shouldn’t affect the machine, you didn’t buy this machine expecting damage from shipping. They will likely offer gift card as they did for me.

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Thanks. I just finished spraying the board with polyurethane only to discover the back was broken too. It has a crack running about 1/4 way down it. Dang UPS really worked hard on this one. It was packed really really well so they must have dropped it from 3 feet or more.

I would call Inventables or send an email. Even if you do not want to wait, it’s good to let them know that a carrier has damaged one of their shipments.

I get my wasteboard tomorrow, hopefully it arrives in good condition.

Oh it gets better, I didn’t notice the front till I sprayed some Poly on the board

Just hope it was dog poop :poop: :joy:


e-mailed them so I could attach all the pictures

yeah…that’s no good.

Awesomesauce, they are shipping a new one out to me today…
Good jorb Inventables!

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Just picked up my wasteboard from ups, mine also damaged!!!

My dad works for ups so god knows what kinda ‘crap’ he’d pull haha.

I’m not sure I could just sit there recording and not blow a gasket!!!