My Wish List

Not sure if these have been covered before, but…

1 - I’d really like to be able to add shapes to the canvas that are not toolpaths. Specifically guidelines, but other geometry as well. Sometimes I have real world objects I’m carving that include features I want to avoid when carving, and I’d love to draw shapes or keepout areas without Easel thinking they need to be routed.

2 - Is there any way to lock a shape so it can’t be moved or resized? That’d be awesome.

3 - Already discussed here, but avoiding the home after completion. Or setting the safe distance. Don’t really care which, but one or the other is needed. I’ve eaten through a couple clamps because Easel homed after cutting with no regard to where the clamps are.

Probably more as I use it more.


As far as the first issue is concerned, you can already do this by simply adding the shape, and setting the cut depth to zero.

This is also possible.


Once you’ve determined the size and location just click on the pin button located just to the left of “Position”.

This will maintain size and location until you decide to unpin it.