My “x” axis problem

Howdy…… I have a 1000x1000…. Having trouble for the first time on three years. I turned on the XCarve this morning…… started to jog the “X”…… and for some reason…. The left side seems to be sticking. I can click the mouse…. And the right side “X” will start moving …. But not the left side. I seems like it is stuck…. But After 4 clicks…. The left side will finally start moving with the right side. It happens the same forward and backwards…. After 4 clicks… it seems to be unstuck. I hope this makes sense. This is the first issue I have ever had…. It has always worked perfectly. Any help would be appreciated.

Front to back (the 2 motors working together direction of movement) would be the Y axis.

However your description sounds as though there may be loose wires. I suggest checking all connections including unplugging the white connectors on the stepper and checking for damaged pins there as well, as these tend to get loose over time then wiggle and start to burn/char the pins…