My X-Carve Folding Table

Waiting on wiring components and spindle mounting plate. Until then just finishing up the folding table for the new Xcarve.


Looks good. You may also want to think about where you’ll place the power supply and electronics, as you’ll not want them sitting on the table top.

For mine, I put all the electronics into a sealed enclosure (it still has a cooling fan which pulls air through a foam filter) which is mounted to the side. The power supply is also mounted to the side, facing upwards allowing quick access to the power switch.

I’ll post some images if I can get to a PC…

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Just saw the photo…what a little ripper…(that’s great in Aussie) Also like the idea of your connectors for the electronics. I’ll be copying your ideas on that.
Mike Kaplan

@MikeKaplan Oddly enough, I too speak Oz (I’m in Perth, Western Australia).

It’s possibly a little overbuilt, but it’s pretty robust. All the cables are clipped against the table so there’s nothing pulling on the connectors & the enclosure has a bunch of holes drilled in the back & covered with dust foam.

Everything is available from Jaycar or Altronics. The table I considered building, but instead I bought from Ikea (for basically what I’d have paid for the wood alone). It’s a 1200x1200x950H “bar” table, to which I added a few drawers, trays and fitted with locking wheels.

We’re not fancy, but we’re cheap…

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can you please give us a link to the ikea table and some pics? that would be super helpful so some of us could do the same.

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Thanks for your suggestion and pics for the power supply mount. I borrowed some of your ideas.

I have not received my X Carve yet but thru this table together out of material I had laying around. Cost $0
counting the days to get my machine. cant wait to get started.


That’s a great looking table!

Did you draw up plans or just make it up on the fly? I’ve been looking for a more compact way to store my xcarve in the garage.

I came up with a really cheap and easy design. Didn’t even have to go to the store to buy supplies.

The only downside is my table sits on the ground. I love it though. I rounded the legs and gave them a flat side so I can just lean it up against the wall. I put an eye bolt in the wall and I attach a cable from the top side of the table to it to keep it in place.

Can I ask you where you got the frame from? I want to do something similar and everything I am finding is at least 4ft tall and yours looks like it’s only 3. So you remember what brand it is?