My x-carve has no connection

Hello my friends.
I need your help, please.
My machine x carve is not connecting to the computer (windows7) I have already updated the FTDI driver nothing happens. Clicking on the carve (green light) on your right looks like the following (aMissing Machine Settings
Before you can carve, you need to set up your machine)
What am I doing wrong? By clicking (Set Up Your Machine) the computer screen turns white.
Thanks in advance and good Sunday

Check your Estop button.

Hi @AntonioGuerreiro - If you’re still having issues, make sure to reach out to our Customer Success team directly so they can help you out!

Emergency stop?

Hello my friends!

On the screen of my Windows appears the following (see photo)
and when I click on (Set Up Your Machine) the screen turns white.

Thank you.

Antonio Guerreiro.