My X-Carve Lives! (adding pics)

Just did my first carve today! First try one of the wires had popped loose on my X axis, so I got a really nice vertical line. :grinning: Second try worked like a champ.

It was just a V carve of my name laid out in F-Engrave then imported to Easel using G-Code import. Everything looks great! It all appears to be even and well carved.

Now on to making some calibration cuts to test the dimensional accuracy. Thanks for all the tips folks!



Thanks man!

So, preliminary dimensional accuracy tests are done. I just did a couple of 3 inch circle perimeters cut on the inside and outside. It was in MDF, so there is some slop in the numbers, but X and Y measurements were within a few thousandths of an inch each other, and within about 4 thousandths of an inch compared to actual dimensions on the file.

The bed does need some slight leveling though. Itโ€™s about half a mm higher on one side, and the mdf bed has a very slight bit of unevenness to it. Nothing too major though.

All in all I would say thatโ€™s not bad for a first go. Now off to try some designs for things I want to make!

Just did my first non text cut to see how it would go. Could use some cleanup, but looks pretty good to me.