My X-Controller powered hybrid

For the past two months I have been piecing together my first CNC machine and yesterday I made my first cut.

I knew that I had a few aluminum projects in the near future and I started to add up some of the mods that would be required/recommended to get an X-carve to where I wanted. Instead I decided to piece together a 1000x1000 Workbee CNC. I am a complete newb to this though and I really liked the ease of the Easel software. I really didn’t want to go through all of the work to build the machine and just get discouraged because it would be too hard to use. So I bought the X-controller and all of the associated wiring/switches to power my creation. I also know that this is the best CNC community on the web.

There are a few things that I still need to sort out:
-Dust boot
-Better Wire management
-Dial in the Z axis. I used Phil’s calculator for the X and Y but I think that I am cutting deeper than I intend

I need to buy some more bits, right now 1/4 is the smallest that I have but I am excited about seeing what it can do.

Now that you have the Hitachi M12 You might consider investing in the MUSCLE CHUCK. It makes bit changes so much easier and faster. Changing tool holders where a real pain trying to manipulate two whrenches ad the tool all you need to do is insert the tool and turn the allen wrench 1/4 turn and it’s done. My set up cost $165.00 an include three inserts.

I was thinking about the musclechuck. I can see the two wrench technique getting old.

It would be nice to get a 1/16 bit as well. I didn’t expect bits to be this expensive.

I am building the same set up now with the dewalt! All wired up, and moving correctly, working on the waste board with T-tracks now. How happy are you with the set up? Would you consider sharing your $$ settings to save me some time calibrating.