My xcarve is about to throw around the last of it's dust

Pulling inspiration from phill’s design and the suckit, I am making my dust boot.

I wanted it to be a single sided cut and require no drilling into the machine.

In order to make this a single sided cut, I opted for using 1/4 hex bolts and a t-track that is compatible with them. This way, after carving, I just need to bore a couple of holes and tap one.

I cut the acrylic parts and everything went pretty well. snapped a bit at the start due to overlooked settings, but after that it was smooth sailing. took 2 hours roughly with a single flute 1/8 upcut spiral. 85ipm except for the pocketing which I had forgotten to change from 95ipm. DOC .02

There is something enchanting about cutting parts out of acrylic. I particularly love my 1/4" nut leavers.



Almost done. just need to get a brush and adapter for the hose.

after this, i’ll make another adapter for a 4" hose, not sure which way I will go with it.

I’m just looking forward to not have to hold a vacuum on it the whole time .

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Nice work! I just 3d printed something similar. Care to share the files though. Yours is prettier.

Thanks! here it is in AI and step formats.
the acrylic cuts were on .5" and the mdf was .75"

Another note: the stp files should translate my setup but not sure if the AI will. The pocketing paths were placed on the top of geometry and the profiles were placed on the bottom. Something to be aware of if it does translate with the AI.

mdf cut.AI (6.6 KB)
acrylic cut.AI (27.7 KB)
mdf cut.stp (24.7 KB)
acrylic cut.stp (76.0 KB)