My Z Axis will not move at all when setting up the first time

I have completed assembly of my X Carve. Testing it, the Y and X Axis work perfectly. The Z axis doesnt move at all. I have checked wiring several times and it is correct as it showed in the setup. Frustrated as it took me a week to set up and now I cant make my first cut. Any suggestions as to why the Z axis is not moving? Thanks

did you try swapping the Z and X to check the wire harness?

I figured it out. Had to take top off of the motor for a axis and reattach and it worked. Now being a rookie, I made a cut and tried a second one and ram the a axis down on the probe instead of letting it do it, broke a bit and no z axis won’t move again…. Lol lol lol …. So got to figure that out now. Thanks for your help