Name cutout Christmas tree

Hi Has anyone setup anything like this?

Hello Martin,
Do you mean something like this? I made this in 20 min in inkscape and i can tell you how to do it if you like
KERSTNAMEN.pdf (19.7 KB)

YES, Please Tell me How You Did it!
Thank You,

Hello Martin,
As mentioned, I used inkscape for this. I almost always use it to draw 2D workpieces or to trace drawings. You can download it for free at Once downloaded you will see a screen the size of an A4. you make your drawing there. what i did to make the christmas tree is the following.
Inkscape uitleg.docx (12.2 KB)

Thank You!

Hello Martin,

If you have any questions, please let me know.
Yours sincerely
Bert Klappe

It’s just text and rectangles with a star on top.

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