Name that font Monte!

I’ve been searching as well as google images but can’t seem to find a matching font name for this.

Can anyone tell me if they know of a font name that matches this one? Thanks in advance!


you’re better off filtering dafont for script fonts and visually gauging them. I suspect this is not a font, but a custom 1-of lettering logo. But I am very confident you’ll find a very close match if you take your time searching

I am going to assume you got the from the video if you watch it at around 1:25 he talks about getting the font and modifying it in inkscape to match the original plate.

Thanks. I have to do most of my YouTube / surfing on my phone, so I missed that. Off to inkscape I go when I get home…

Try using an app called “Whatthefont”. Just take a picture and it will shoot back some results. I use it all the time.

Thanks, looks like the font is closest to Freehand 521.

Great app, appreciate the suggestion!!

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You can also try Metroscript Lig Bold.