Naming on manufacture print out

Not trying to be to nitpickey here, but I did a full set of cabinets for a kitchen I’m working on, and I renamed each one on the design side of the program (sink base, 3db L of stove, MW Cab) but then when I print it out…which I love being able to do to keep track of parts…the names don’t carry through. It’s still calls them “frameless base 1” or “Frameless Upper 2”; with the dimensions listed. I can figure it out, but it seems like the name should carry all the way through. Is there a setting for that?
I should say, this is on the print out on the manufature side of the program, after it’s nested all the parts.



Hi Brian,

Thank you for sharing this feedback! I agree that if you’ve taken the time to rename the cabinets in the design, it would be helpful to have those user-generated names on the cut lists and print-outs. I’m filing a ticket for this feedback. Thank you again for reaching out!