Nana & Papa's Sign

here is a sigh i made for a friend

here are the files if you want to make your ownWords.gcode (998.7 KB)Words [Pocket].gcode (110.8 KB)Surfacing.gcode (1.8 KB)Sign for tera.crv3d (3.1 MB)Instructions.txt (144 Bytes)


Nice clean carves and painting. A few questions for you. Is it oak? What size is it? Can you give us a little info on your process? I did 2 signs for a friend to give out as xmas presents and I had problems with the paint bleeding through the grain. Feeds and speeds? Thanks. I’ll post pics of mine in a separate thread. Don’t want to hijack yours.

Wood is oak sign is 18x11 feeds and speeds depends on bits the .0625 is 50ipm .03 cut deep my dewalt is set to 6

V bit is .04 per pass at 80ipm dewalt set to 4

I’d be careful setting the DeWalt to 6 for any length of time. I (and most everyone on here with the DWP611) usually leave it between 1-3 for most things. I found I was burning the cut edges if I had it up too high. Also it puts a huge strain on the bearings and motor brushes to have it going that fast for more than a few minutes at a time.


A painting finishing method that works for me is:

Seal with blonde shellac – everything. This controls bleed through.

Paint engraved areas, I use cheap spray paint soluble by lacquer thinner, and wipe off excess with thinner dampened rag taking care to not clean out engravings.

After paint dries, seal engraved areas with shellac and dry again.

Sand surface clean of shellac and finish as desired.

I have found that with shallow engraved details it helps to cut slightly deeper than the desired result to allow for the final sanding so the fine detail is not lost.

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