Navigate the work space using the Space Bar. (like a Hand Tool)

It would be a very nice addition to be able to hold the space bar down and navigate around the workspace. Something similar to Illustrator’s Hand Tool.

I’m really enjoying Easel. I use it in conjunction with with Adobe Illustrator to get just about everything I need. Been at it for more than a year.
I often find myself zooming in close and moving around the X/Y plane to place paths exactly where I need them.

I don’t think there is any other use for the space bar right now, and most users that have any background in design will see is as second nature.

Also, I know there are shortcut keys for scrolling the workspace up and down, and zooming in, but its a pain to go find the scroll bars and leave the path I’m working on as often as I do.


That sounds great. I was just thinking that it would be nice to be able to hold down ctrl or alt or something to pan around, I never thought about space since I don’t have Illustrator and didn’t know it uses that, but that would be a good choice too. Hopefully it gets added.

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Yes! Great idea!