Need Adirondack chair silhouette svg

Does any one have a Adirondack chair silhouette svg file? I need to care one for a project

Use a google image search. You can refine by clip art, line drawing, etc. Then either use a svg converter (just google one up) or import into Easel using image trace.

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i did that but tells me the svg file is to much for easel. Any idea how to convert to svg light? thanks

I use for my conversions.

It’s fairly important in the first place to select a good image. Not a picture of a chair but a line drawing or clip art or sketch of one on a clean white background.

At times, though, it’s hard to find a good specific image that you can convert. In that case I will do a search like “etsy Adirondack chair svg” and then for something like $3 you can have a host of great images you can download and use immediately. For example, go to …

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Get Inkscape.
Find decent image of what you want (black and white is easier).
Open file in Inkscape.
Right-click --> Trace Bitmap
Click Live Prieview and adjust threshold as needed.
Move trace (on top of original)
Delete original.
Import to Easel