Need advice, wood is stringing

I have had my X-Carve 1000mm for almost a month and have made some nice stuff with it. With some of the wood I have tried I get some stringing around the edges (see photo below)

This is Black Walnut; it came from a tree my brother had on the property that he had processed. I am not sure if it was dried properly. I used the recommended settings for walnut, and this is what happened. I have tested some other woods and some work just fine but others do this. I wonder if its just the wood not being dry.

Any advice would be great!

Have you tried a down cut bit?


No, I have only tried a spiral upcut bit but I will try the down cut one.

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A downcut bit will make a huge difference

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Agree with above, but be cautious using the downcut in that slot…make sure you’re clearing the chips.

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I have made rosettes in quarter sawn spruce guitar tops using straight router bits for years. The grooves always look like that after cutting by hand or cnc. A hobby knife will remove it easily when the blade is sharp. It’s almost like shaving.

Neil is right about that groove.
Consider running a couple passes with down cut bit then change back to an up cut.

I have a powerful dust collector that takes away everything.