Need Assistance in Wisconsin

Is there anyone in Wisconsin (I reside in Sheboygan County) who would be willing (I’ll pay) to come to my house and help me finish building my X-Carve. I can’t get any of the wheels lined up properly on the X-carriage or on the gantry. I just can’t get smooth movement. I’ve read that I should use shim, etc. but I just haven’t had much luck. Believe it or not, I’ve had this thing since January of 2021 and I still don’t have it together. I started, got frustrated, took a break, got busy at work, etc. I’d really like to get it completed with someone’s assistance. If you’re interested in helping, please reply here or email me at so we can work something out.


If you have not gotten the machine working by the beginning of August, I might be able to drop by one afternoon between Aug. 2 - 4 since I will be out in Milwaukee for some training. I can not make any promises, but I would try to see if I could get to your location one afternoon/evening.


Brandon Parker

Although it’s the older version, the part you’re having issues with it still the same and I think this video depicts the Vwheel Assembly fairly clearly. (you may want to rewind to the Y side plate part to get the order of assembly, but the official manual lays them out clear enough…)

I’ve queued it up to the point where the X assembly is being put together…

Thanks, I appreciate it. I’ll be sure to keep this updated so if I have it figured out by then you will know.

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Thanks Seth. I appreciate you queuing the video up. I think I might just take everything off and start from scratch again.

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