Need Design Help - Pen Display Stands

I am asking the wonderful community here for assistance.

I am looking at making a somewhat fancy and unique display stand for displaying my handmade Pens.

Unfortunately I am not a very creative designer.

Can anyone come up with anything that may help?

Looking for a design that can be modified somewhat easily to accommodate a wide range of pens…from 1 pen up to 20 or 30 pens if needed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Lots of different designs out there…I bought a few like this before getting my X-Carve…this would be nice out of some really good figured wood.

Yes tons of awesome designs out there…the problem I have is im not good at transferring my ideas onto v carve or easel…my design skills are lacking …so im hoping to get help for a starting point that I can modify myself maybe?

Here is a fast knock up I did making a nice angled unit The idea is the tip is just a dimple for the pen to rest in the back is offset to allow a pen to sit in a half circle. the project shows the parts sitting on top of each other so you would cut both top and bottom at .75 depth but the upper thru holes on the top would be drilled in then cut to the matching triangle with cut outs on the profile. I don’t use Easle anymore graduated into vcarve but it is a very good tool to get on the path. A Pen stand in general is a good started to cruise the web for ideas then see how you would be able to make it.

Made this simple display for my pens wth it works. also some beer wall hanger.

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