Need help from the grbl experts

After a week of upgrading my x-carve I finally got to play with my laser and it’s burning as it’s supposed to do. But there’s still one issue that I can’t figure out.
After the job is done the laser returns to it’s start position, but picsender shows coordinates for x and y probably where the laser was burning.If I don’t pay attention and re-zero x and y before starting the next job the spindle moves towards me until it reaches zero.
I remember in the past the discussion about positive and negative workspaces and compiling grbl. But that’s over my head right now.

Following the things I’m using:

  • grbl 1.0c (1ms dwell)

  • j-tech no Z Post processor

  • Picsender 2.7.9

attached are the grbl settings in laser.txt, the g-code I ran and a screenshot after job completion. I also think my homing cycle hits the endstops harder now. Would be great if someone could help me with this.

I hope it’s just changing a value instead of flashing another grbl version.

Edit: Just burned an image with the gcode generated in PEP and the spindle moves back to X/Y 0/0 after the job is done (131.0 KB)

Change $25=750.000 you have yours set to 7500.000

I have run your G-code on my machine using the same grbl version you have with PicSender 2.7.9 and I do not see the behavior that you describe.

At the end of the run the DROs read X = 0 , Y = 0

Wow Thanks Larry, I knew I could count on you. Totally missed that one, in spindle.txt it’s ok though. Will try it in the morning again. As I edited above after running a gcode from PEP it was normal.

Have a good night and thanks again

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