Need help getting letters to fit inside a cut out

Hay guys i need help just thinking about this one. I want to cut out some letters in acrylic then cut out the same letters in wood and stick the acrylic letters into the wood. I need help getting the settings right so the letters will fit snugly into the wood. Does the size of the end mill matter? Do I need to set the acrylic letters to be cut outside and the wood inside? I just cant quite figure it out.

here are the two files in Easel. I set the wood letters to fill to represent where the acrylic ones will go but I wasnt planning on cutting them out that way.

Use the Inlay app in Easel. And search for the inlay app thread here on the forum for more info. There is much more to it than just inside and outside cuts, but the app makes it easy, just read the thread about it. Good luck.

Here is the thread:

thanks I forgot that was in easel since i never needed it before

i don’t know what’s not to understand honestly. How else would you do it?

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once I make the inlay is there some way to make the letters back into separate pieces instead of having to modify them as a whole? Or would I have to make an inlay for each individual letter to have that?

I did an inlay for every letter and keep the pockets in one project and the inserts in another and just put my names together by copyin and pasting whichever letters I need for the order. Also, be sure you don’t change the cut path for the insert, it’s supposed to be “on the line.”