Need Help Guys With NC State Flag

Been trying to make this Flag for a few days now have tried everything i can think of
don’t know if I’m using the wrong bits trying to get the letter raised using a 1/16 to do my rough cut then use a 60^ v bit to do my detail cut and the letters and numbers are not coming out right everything looks good until the detail cut. Here are the files any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Scott


It looks like the Z-Axis Zero’s are slightly off between the Roughing/Detailed carves. Are you using a touch-probe?

Also, the letters are most likely chipping away because they are super thin. You have to design for milling; tool pressure can easily cause stress across thin pieces that are remaining and thus cause them to break off. You could try using a different/thicker font for the lettering…


Brandon Parker

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Yes I’m using a touch-probe, I had to change the letters and numbers font and it worked out really good will post a pitcher when the real flag is done. But would like to say thanks for you help.

Thanks Scott