Need help importing files from Vertric Vcarve Desktop

I am running the Xcrave 1000 and need help in learning how to import files from my Vertric Vcarve Desktop program so I can start routing some 3D files. I have made all the Tool Paths and everything else already and in Desktop have picked my machine, make, model, post-processor and such. Just need to learn how to import the files. So if anyone knows of any tutorials you could direct me to it would be very much appreciated. The Vcarve Desktop I am using is the latest version of it. Version 11.504 I believe. I bought the Vcarve because of Easel’s size limit on 3D files. I have numerous models that are much larger than what Easel can handle.

Thanks to all in advance!!!

IF you want to use Easel as the gcode sender you’d need to get and use the Easel Post Processor for Vectric.

However I suggest using a gcode sender that’s made specifically for sending. Easel is a decent initial sender software to use but lacks many of the creature comforts of other senders like my favorite OpenBuilds Control.
If you do try out openbuilds you can use the Easel Post Processor, OR the grbl post processor that comes pre-loaded in Vectric.

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open easel select project at the top import gcode and choose your files

Will either way let me import files over Easels size limit? I have several files over 200,000 and hate to lose over 50% of details to stay under Easels size limit.

Well the way you’ve mentioned in this post youre importing gcode of the carve, not the stl file… so the file size is totally different.

Are we switching topics over to whether importing the stl to ease will experience losses? I suggest using vcarve if youve paid for it… just make sure to use the correct post processor and IMO once you leave easel for vectric then you might as well also use a better sender software too…

Hi, Seth,
I did buy Vectric Desktop and I really like it, but, guess I should have done more research and asked more questions! LOL. What I did was I imported a few STL files into Vectric, thinking(wrongly) I could sent the file to my Xcrave 1000. However, after putting the file through Vectric I saw it was saved with a CRV extension which Easel does not recognize. So I needed help from someone a lot smarter than me! So you said you really like OpenBuilds Control. I gather that program will let me send a Vectric file to my Xcontroller, using the OpenBuilds as the post-processor, for routering?

So what you’ve done is saved the Project file.
You now need to open this back up and save the toolpath as a gcode file using the Easel Post Processor (if you want to use Easel as the sender software)…
Using this button…

you’d also need to use the Easel Post processor which isn’t pre-loaded into Vectric, so you’d have to do this first in order to use the right Easel post processor too…

Thanks Seth. Once again you have come to my rescue!!! :grin: :upside_down_face: :+1: I am also going to take another look at OpenBuilds Control.

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When you save your files in vetric you need to save the code in your post processor language easel/Inventables has a video on this subject which is how I figured it out

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Thanks Jeff, I will take a look at it. :+1:

you can get faster carves using vetric, the size difference alone is worth it

Hi, Jeff. I downloaded OpenBuilds Control and will be using it to send the tool paths to my XController. I am slowly starting to understand Vectric Desktop and really like it. Getting a 3D file ready to carve is quick and easy.


you get faster carves as well since you can better program feeds and speeds

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