Need help making GCode for the underside in F-360

I’ve designed a small tray in Fusion 360 that I want to carve. I’ve made all the tool paths for the top, and pocketed out the tray.

I want the sides to have a slight contour to them, so I’ll probably need to flip the piece over and carve the bottom side. Is there a way to set this up in fusion 360 without having to duplicate the project and flip it?

yes, create a second setup, and in the setup there is a spot where you can flip the z-axis. if you do that it will send the tool to the opposite side and mill that instead. ]Just be careful then you have to redefine your stock zero properly so it knows where the bit will start.

You can have multiple setups for each model and multiple toolpaths for each setup. The toolpaths may be sequentially dependent or independent of each other.


Thanks! That did a great job generating the tool path.

I’ll get to see how well it carves tomorrow when I get out to the shop. :slight_smile: