Need help milling chairs in wood or foam

Hi everyone - any recommendations for fabrication shops in Chicago that could mill a chair for me - something in the range of 30" cubed? i have a show coming up - and i’d like to exhibit some 3d scanned chairs that i have been capturing over the last 18 months or so. right now i’m working on fabricating them from layers of laser cut mdf but i’d really rather mill them in one or two pieces if possible.

the intended objects are to be exhibited as sculpture - not functional chairs - so milling in laminated insulation foam would be fine. here’s a post on my website with a bit more detail on the project

one suggestion was to mill on the X Carve 1000mm - with the Dewalt - in a couple of pieces i imagine.



I expect that having your chair sculptures made by a commercial shop will work out to be very costly.
A standard 1k X-Carve has a Z height limit of 67mm so 2.63". Several people have increased there Z height by 50mm.
You will also be doing lots of 3D machining and the standard X-Carve does not do 3D. You would need to move up to control software and electronics that will handle 3D. You will also need to have CAM software that will do 3D.

What you want to do can be done just not on a standard machine. There will also be a steep learning curve.

Ariel, WA

The xcarve will do 3d if you have the software that supports it.

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cool. thanks for the feedback. i’ve been using RhinoCAM to generate toolpaths for an Othermill and milled some wax - very small size - sounds like for now the laminated laser cut method is the way to go.

yes - i’ve been using RhinoCAM. have also used MeshCAM.

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