Need help on carriage adjustment

Can anyone tell me what I need to adjust to get the carriage and laser level with the world? As you can see in the pics the carriage is leaning forward. I can grab the router or the carriage and push back to get it level but that’s where I get stuck. As you well know there are a lot of screws and just don’t know where to begin. I put the laser on as it makes it easier to see my problem.

Thanks, Duane

Tim Handy makes this mount and It’s a bit different design, but sits parallel to the spindle, so as long as it’s trammed properly, then the laser will sit right. . . maybe he has one that will work with your laser module?

As far as the spindle being able to move like you’ve explained, that sounds like the eccentric nuts on the VWheels need adjusted to it’s not so loose, but that won’t necessarily fix the tram, often times the screws on the far ends on the gantry must be loosened and then the gantry racked backwards or forwards and the screws tightened while someone is twisting the gantry in order to get Tram to be set right.
All that said . Does it rally matter if the laser is not perpendicular to the workpiece? Unless you’re using the laser to CUT through material, I wouldn’t expect to see any issues with engraving or Norton White Tile Engraving with a crooked laser as long as its set the right distance for proper focus. . .

Thanks, Seth. I will check out the info you posted. And your probably right, it might not make a difference. Just had some concerns.


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