Need help please! - carver stopping abruptly in the middle of job

Hello. Need some help please. Have a new XC1000. Today I did a V carve job about 2 hours long. After that I started another. Roughly 30 minute job. It stopped about 1/2 way through. No reason, just asked me if I like my job. This has happened in the past but has been a while. Was running the Dewalt at 5 speed. Any help. Also if this happens again. Is there anyway to salvage the job. Do I re-zero. Cause I used the last zero and that was off for some reason. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I understand there are a lot of post on this problem. I can’t seem to find anything very current. I am trying to find something a little more current that people may be experiencing.

It may be something super simple to fix. But to be honest it is very frustrating when you ruin a very nice piece of hard wood.

Cheers !

Yeeeaaahhh you are having a problem that has definitely been addressed VERY recently MULTIPLE times…

Do some searching - you’re likely getting noise on your USB connection.


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Running the Dewalt at speed 5 did not cause this problem, but it is causing lots of other issues. Almost no reason to ever have it set above 2 and for 95% of the normal carving we do it should be at 1.

Anything above that is just causing the bit to overheat, shorting the life of the routers brushes and burning the material.

Thanks for the the help. I will look Into that. Also slow the router down as well. Thank you all so far for the input.

If you have gone though all the checks and it is still happening. The usb cable could be the problem. All are not created equally. Get the best cable possible.

Next bypass the plug on the front of the xcontroller and plug it in directly. This has been discussed a lot. Change one thing at a time and test to find the cause.

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Do you have homing switches? You should be pretty precise if you homed in between attempts. If there is any issue, you should re-home to regain your reference.

I disagree. I believe that a faster spinning motor produces more EMI noise than a slower one which could cause an interrupt to the Xcontroller.


Someone mentioned to get a powered usb hub and better cable. Does any have a good recommendation from experience. There seems to be so many options online.

Thanks in advance

Possibly, but unlikely.

I have a Makita, at #4 or above I can experience USB-dropout, below #4 it hasn’t happened (yet).
I feed my Ardunino a separate 12V line, prior to that it would drop out like crazy.

Agree on the speed suggesting, #1 is in in most cases all one need.

Try an air carve, as in set it up so all it does is “carve” air.
Run the carve program but leave the router off.

Does it complete / return to work zero (+Z safety height)?

Do you have the X-Controller?
Bypass the USB front panel port:
(Pic by EliasPolitis)

Long story short, here is my summary about stopping carves, which is a collection of everything I could find in the forum.

It is missing one measure: grounding of your dust collection.

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Is it stopping or skipping steps. The issue I ran into similar to this is when the bit size you are using is too large to cut the pattern you desire. Mine was skipping steps because it assumed I needed a 1/32" bit to do my lettering and since I selected a 1/16" bit it skipped the lettering for my project. Took me about 8 runs to figure it out. Perhaps there was an alert I was missing but I had to refresh the preview to figure out it was skipping paths.

I have had long carves stop in the middle of a job for no apparant reason as well. Never had an issue with the machine, I have the laptop with an ethernet cable connection and not wifi for internet, and a good usb cable.
I got so fustrated on one carve, and was experiencing computer slow downs, etc, I just decided to swap the computer out for another. The one that I swapped had 8GB of memory vs the 4GB in the laptop. It ran the carve without stopping.
I upgraded the laptop memory to 16GB, low and behold same carve, same laptop, no problems with the finished carve.
Something to check if you run into problems on large carves, but not smaller ones.