Need Help w/ Fonts

I recently made a handful of wooden Jack O’Lantern boxes. I’d like to do some that have words on the front of them (i.e. Let It Snow or It’s Fall Yall). The problem is that the letters need to be cutout so there will be nothing to hold the middle of the “O” in place or the inner part of a’s, e’s, etc.

Does anyone have any tricks on how to create a font that allows for all of those pieces to still be held in place? I tried creating my own in Paint and a few other programs, but I’m better with wood than I am computer programs.


What a perfect solution. :smile:

You COULD also add Tabs to those areas to hold them in place.

OR use a shape like a rectangle or circle to form a bridge of sorts, setting the depth to 0 depth and spanning is across the letter to form you own sort of stencil lettering.


Thank you!!

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