Need help with 3D

My son is a Deputy Sheriff here locally. I would LOVE to engrave a 3D copy of his badge as a wall hanger. Can this be done with Easel and how do I start? I have only had my XCarve for a few months and only done simple carvings with it so far. I need help from start to finish on this project. Any advice is appreciated.

Easel doesn’t have the capability for 3d carving. You’ll have to use some other software.

Im trying right now to find a way to break up with inventables as a whole…

No more holding my v carving hostage for 20$ a month…

And the software wastes so much time its insane…

When i fully figure it out ill post links and how to…

I cant seem to find anything more than opinions on what might work but nothing definitive

@TimStoddard v-carve and fusion 360 are going to be your best bets, but there is either a high cost of entry (Vectric V-Carve) or high learning curve (Fusion 360). I mainly do my v-carve with Fusion 360 and use Easel as a g-code sender.

Thank u… I use 3d solidworks for everything and im mainly trying to 3d carve from solidworks … Wondering if i save as .stl can i sumhow convert to gcode n send to machine? Does any of the software u speak of work like that? Im fully new to wood ive dun plastic prints n metal fab for 20 years but its not the same language if that makes sense

True 3D carving require undercut, a 3axis cnc router is 2.5D
The Xcarve can do 2.5D all day long, making reliefs etc no problem.

Easel can transmit relief 2.5D data.

Easel can not generate 2.5D models, this part need to be done outside of Easel and imported to Easel (or other gcode sender) for actual carving.

Fusion360 is capable but do have a steep learning curve (both CAD and CAM)
F360 can import STL and one can make relief models out of that.
F360 is not the right suite for editing STL’s, I suggest Meshmixer or equivalent.

Hey Haldor, I’m not trying to start a debate about semantics, but your definition of true 3D and 2.5D doesn’t seem to match with how most people view them.

Usually 2D work involves only profiles and pockets.
2.5D is basically stepped pockets. i.e. there are multiple levels of depth (in steps) but no smooth transitions between them
3D then is organic surfaces etc.

Again, just trying to make things clear for newer carvers, because i fear your definitions could confuse people.

Following these definitions, Easel can do 2.5D, albeit kind of limited. No 3D except when used merely as a gcode sender.

Another (often forgotten) option for 3D carving is Meshcam. I hear good things about it and it’s within hobbyist price range.
But before you can do any of that, you’ll need to create the CAD model and I’m sure that in itself will take some serious work.

MeshCam look very good, downloaded the trial a long time ago but havent used it myself.

Easel can do contious motion combining 3 axes and therefore do “3D” shapes like reliefs and such. I will happily accept that as 3D capable, have no beef on the matter :slight_smile:

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If you want to continue modeling only in SolidWorks, you can import the SolidWorks file into Fusion 360 without doing any conversions. From there you would enter the Manufacturing environment and set up your cam.

Upload SolidWorks file to Fusion 360

Enter the Manufacturing environment

Create a setup with "Select Z axis/plane and x axis. Choose the axis that represents thickness and choose the stock box point that you want to use as your 0,0,0

Choose the appropriate tool paths that make sense for your model

Export out the g-code based on the Inventables instructions

You my friend are a god amongst men… Best walk through ive seen for 3ds to carve. . thanx a million…

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Tim, were you able to fin a way to convert your STL into G Code for the badge?