Need help with a basic box

OK, I know a project like this somewhere but for the life of me I cant remember where. Someone made a project out of scrap wood and made a jewelry box (I think). I liked the idea and was going to copy the idea for a 5 year anniversary gift. I was thinking because its a quick and easy project i can just use easel (first error i think). So when I created it in easel the first part was fine; the bottom of the box…

For the lid is where I am having a problem…

I copied the same square, and have the line cut all the way through. I then created 4 rectangles to create the lip but the detail preview look…well wonky. I real quickly created a mock up in SketchUp for anyone who cant decipher what I am trying to create…

Thanks for any and all help!!

I had a similar preview issue in easel, I dont think it likes putting two lines side by side to create a wider cut. At least it doesnt like previewing it. I had the issue when I copied a shape and scaled it down so I can get a non-thru ledge like your lid.

Im not sure why its not showing the thru cut correctly tho.

Try the offset app for your lid design or two shapes of appropriate sizes. Set the small size to zero cut and bring to front, then set outer size to fill at depth desired.
Then copy your outer size to next work space and set cut outside at depth for thickness.

I’ve had this happen quite often since the new detailed preview came into existence. I’ve found that there are some issues with how EASEL treats a pocket operation when it is bordering another pocket of differing depth or an outline cut; sometimes showing exactly what your preview shows. I would hide the material and check out the simulated tool paths. My recent experience, considering everything is set up correctly, is that it tends to just be a previewing issue and the final carve works as expected.

Any chance you can share the project so people can check it out and possible provide further assistance?

One thing that I think might help in your situation might be to add an additional square/ rectangle as a pocket operation to the full depth of your outline cut, make its width/ height (if its a square obviously it’s the same; if not then set it up accordingly) to the width/ height of your square/ rectangle plus the width of your bit, center it with the rest, then send it to the back. This should help EASEL to get it right I believe.

Check this out and see if it helps any…



Select your outline, right click on it and select bring to front.

How does your preview look now?

Thanks guys for all the help, unfortunately the wife came home with some softa 24/48 hour “bug”. And with that I have yet to be able to go down to turn on the shop lights. Thanks for all the help and i hope to be able to get down to try out a few suggestions tomorrow, if patient zero get her rest and takes her meds. thanks again!