Need help with DXF downloading app

I am not able to download any DXF files. When I try to I am not able to choose any of my files. I was able to pick and choose files a couple days ago. But now I can see my files but cannot choose any of the files.

Thanks I am new too this learning as I go.

I don’t use Easel, but my version shows Easel opens an SVG file or Gcode. Can you convert to Gcode in another program or can you save your work as an SGV file? Those should run on Easel. I use the Universal Gcode sender and I need to convert the DXF files to Gcode in CamBam in order to use them.

In the apps section of Easel there is a DXF downloader.
I tried it last night and it placed the design far away from 0,0.
I had to zoom way out and then it was barely visible at the top of the work area.
I was able to choose select all then drag it down into place.
It was also extremely over-sized.
Is it possibly all your DXFs are within zip files and browsing from the downloader does not show them?

when you import select all then enter smaller size

Yes I did exactly that.