Need help with first cut

I’m completely new to the x-carve & finally got it all put together. I’m going through the process of making the first test cut with my name & the TV and it has me adjusting the bit to the recommended one of 1/16. Now, I’ve searched high and low on these forums, youtube and google to try and find an answer as to why the 1/16 bit won’t fit in the DeWalt 611…

I feel absolutely silly for posting this but I can’t figure it out. Am I missing something?

So, does it come with that? I’m following the directions for the initial test cut so I’d like to assume that it came with the needed parts.

Right, I don’t think mine came with that but I’ll double check. Thanks for your help :grin:

And you want to use a lot of 1/8" shank bits get the Elaire Collet adapter, a quality adapter that provide the least amount of hassle. Cheaper/simpler adapters are not made the the tolerances desired for smooth CNC work :slight_smile:

If you got the router from inventables with your kit, then you should also have the collet adapter for 1/8" bits.

The first picture shows the 1/16" bit on the left, the router collet on the right and the collet adapter in the middle. The collet adapter is what you need to find in you packaging.

The second picture shows how they go together.

The third picture shows it all together and ready to go on the router.


I can’t seem to figure out how to start a thread to a new question so I am posting it here.

Does anyone know of a finishing bit or a way to eliminate tear out like

this from cuts?

Downcut bit