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I hope I can ask this here as it’s not specifically an x-carve question, but it is a project that I hope to play with on the x-carve. Working on guitar designs, and would like to be able to set up a binding route as shown in the red line here. In this case, it’s .080" in from the guitar profile (blue line). In Inkscape, how can I work with the offset of the red line? It’s such a complex shape that scaling the blue doesn’t work, or at least I can’t make it work. Is there an offset command somewhere in Inkscape that I just can’t find? Or would something else work? Ultimately, I would need to do as many as three different offsets here… One at say .010, .060, .070 as an example.

Yes, there is an Offset command, but it’s not very precise. Select the curve, duplicate it (ctrl-D), and tap ctrl-9 ("("), or ctrl-0 (")").

You can also use Path, Dynamic Offset.

I do have a full set of router bits and bearings for binding routing, but I’m trying to learn something new just because I love the learning process. I also think that a CNC should be able to do this well, so why not push the envelope a bit.

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Thank you TonyNo, that gave me at least something to play with. It’s a start in the right direction.

I think I didn’t read careful enough, sorry. I thought you want to round the whole edge between Blue line and the red line.

VCarve allows you to offset the pass by any amount you wish. Very easy to do. Just another option.

If you want multiple insets/out sets of a fixed distance, ensure your main shape is a path, select it, then Extensions / Generate from Path / Inset/Outset Halo. Works really well. :smile:



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