Need Help with Local Sheriff Badge


We are wanting to carve our local sheriff’s badge into a flag. We will be presenting it to our local sheriff where we live in Northern California. This will be given to him as a thank you for his service to our community during the Camp Fire.

I am taking the image of his badge off of Google, but can’t seem to get it to load into Easel properly. I’ve tried using the highest resolution one that I could find. I found another thread discussing carving badges. I watched the Paw Paw videos and tried everything suggested in that thread, but we are still struggling. When I use Trace Bitmap in Inkscape, it still leaves out detail. I’m not familiar or experienced enough yet to completely redraw the image. I also have VCarve Pro, but the image is completely blurry when I upload it into that program.

Any help or pointers would be much appreciated. I am willing to pay for assistance.

Honea Badge

There are several on-line converters you could try to make an SVG that you could enhance in a drawing program like Inkscape. I like this one but a quick search should give you others to try. Once you have the SVG, you can bring it in VCarve. All this being said, this shield is very detailed and may be difficult to recreate.

I played with it for a minute - but couldn’t get a clear model from it… would need a lot of image cleanup before you could get a good image conversion…

I found a guy through one of the Facebook groups he has charged me from $20 to $25 a file to date. His name Salmin Shakil his picture is of in a blue blue shirt with blue sunglasses. Send him the Pic he will quote it. When it is ready he will send you a picture of the Vector file. You send him money via Paypal and he will email you the file. He sends me an email with several file types (SVG, Illustrstor, etc). Steve

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Thank you!! I will definitely check this program out! Inkscape has worked for us so far, but not for this one. Thanks again!

Thank you very much for taking the time! :grinning:We appreciate it! It is a tough one because of all that fine detail. But yours looks way better than anything we were able to do.

Thanks Steve! This is great! We got on fiverr to try and find a person who we could use for projects just like this (image detail that is way over our heads). We were overwhelmed with how many people are on there! I will shoot him an email. Thanks again!

Is this the kind of detail you are looking for?



Hi Craig! I can’t even begin to express how grateful we are for this!! We’ve spent many hours and days on trying to find help with getting this badge image into Easel! We researched carving badges online, reached out to many people on fiverr, posted on the X Carve Facebook group, and nobody was able to help us! This is a very special project for us. We appreciate this more than you know! Can we please send you money for your time? Please let me know where to send it!

You may have to tweak the carve depth to get more detail or try different bits but it should work. No worries on the money, my family has a long history in law enforcement and we appreciate his service. Post a final picture and we are even :slight_smile:


We are so very grateful! This is a very special project for us especially given what our local community has gone through since the Camp Fire. I will definitely post a picture of the finished project! :grinning:

We are do some testing, and we can’t seem to get past Simulating Tool Paths. It makes some progress and then gets stuck. I really hate to take up any more of your time, but have you seen this before with images with lots of detail?


Nice! Can you tell us what you did to process that?

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I was intrigued by the clarity of the project. Once I realized it was a svg I remembered there were image to svg converters out there. One example png to svg. Not saying this is how it was accomplished but I will conclude this is one way to do it. Nice ingenuity @CraigMcmanus. This is why I appreciate the members of the forum so much; bringing new tools to the table.

To be honest I am not too savvy with Easel. I tend to use VCarve in my shop. I can only guess that there is too much detail in the SVG and Easel is having a hard time processing it. I am out of town for the weekend but will try to clean it up next week if you do not have a dead line. Are you looking for a 2D V-carve or more of a 3D carving, that will dictate how I approach it. Is there a better resolution image out there?

Thank you again for your time! We really appreciate it!

We have V-Carve Pro also, but every time we tried to load the image it was either blurry or wouldn’t upload. We don’t have as much experience using V Carve, but we could definitely use that program. We haven’t ran a carve yet, but we could learn how quickly if we need to!!

Either 3D or 2D is fine with us! Whichever is easier for you. We don’t want to take up any more of your time. At this point, we will be happy with just getting it carved.

I’ve attached the others we have. Unfortunately, we don’t have access to a higher resolution one. We tried reaching out to his assistant last week, but she was unable to provide us with a better/higher quality one than what is available on Google.


This is a more detailed one.

Get it from official site here


This is great! Thank you!! :grinning:

I has some free time tonight. Here are the results. I am not sure of the size you desired but it can easily be scaled in VCarve. If this passes muster then I can send you the VCarve files.


This looks great to us!! Thank you!! We appreciate more than you know!!! Our email is if you need to email them!