Need help with picture

I need to convert this image into a 3d model so I can carve it out with the xcarve, ive spent the better part of 4hrs today trying to figure out fusion360, trying to figure out how to usethat image-2-surface thing. I can get it

im hoping someone could give me a hand

please help if you can, thanks

What you’re asking for requires an enormous amount of skill. I am following this thread in case somebody knows a method that I can use in future projects.

Sorry to be no use whatsoever!


Lol yeah I doubt I’ll get any takers

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I’ve not checked, but I’d kinda be surprised if there’s not a 3D turkey file available online somewhere for purchase…

There are several threads that discuss this. A quick search revealed:

It appears some are free and some are not. I don’t know if this will get you to where you are giong, but it might point you in the right direction.

Good luck,

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converting an image to a 3D asset is only possible with special height map images. It is impossible with regular pictures afaik. Some tools may offer the functionality but I’d dare to say results would vary widely depending on the image you feed it. You’re better off looking for a turkey stl and squashing it flat, and go from there

thanks for the help so far.

I used artcam at a previous employer, I don’t remember the exact steps but it had a tool to convert a flat image into bas-relief. It took some tinkering because you have to provide some numbers for it to work with. It will do positive and negative along the z If I recall correctly.