Can true 3d carvings be accomplished with Vcarve Pro and 2d image?

I am trying to create a 3d carving with Vcarve Pro. I’ve seen numerous videos using GIMP, Blender, etc. to create greyscale images, but whenever I try to create a greyscale of this image it never seems to workout. Is there a step by step tutorial for the newbie that can show how to get good results or do I need a different software to achieve what I want? This is the image I am trying to carve. Thanks in advance.

Search gray scale. I thinks a contributor (Jeremy maybe) has posted something related that looked very promising.

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You’ve just asked how to do CNCing…

I understand you specifically want to know how to go from image to a machined workpiece. Here are the specific steps.

  1. start with a higher resolution image. here’s a good one.
  2. run the image through the app @PhilJohnson mentioned. to produce an STL file if you like this software you can always :beer:buy me a beer
  3. import the STL file into Vectric or another CAM software to produce toolpaths
  4. carve your toolpath using your favorite g-code sender (Easel, UGS, cncJS) and X-carve

The app makes assumptions that black represents a low-point in the model.

You’d want to invert the colors.

Which looks like this when you import into vcarve

but honestly, that source file is terrible… you need to start from a better input.

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Tried to run your heightmap program, but it could not be opened after extraction

@JosephSpenard what is the message you receive? can you send a screen-shot?