Need help with rough carves

My machine is having a problem with carving text. I am using a 60 degree v bit and the letters are very rough and imprecise. Any help is appreciated.

How are you zeroing?.. One problem looks like you’re going to deep.

Yeah, and looks like its moving with irregular motion (flex and/or chatter)

I just ordered a z probe. I have been lowering the bit just to the surface of the wood to zero it.

How do I solve the chatter issue. It does appear to chatter at times.

Your v-bit probably has a measurable flat on the tip. It doesn’t come to a true point. If you know the width of the flat, you can calculate the necessary Z offset. If you don’t try zeroing 0.2mm above your workpiece and run a test.

Chatter is a phenomenon that appear when several factors fall in sync. This can also happen on much larger professional systems.

Belt tension, how tight the V-wheels are, cutting forces, RPM and system flex are all part of this.
I might suggest increasing the RPM slighlty and go lighter per pass to see if you can find a sweet spot.