NEED HELP with router not going where it should

I have my stuff set up to carve The workpiece is at the home point on the wSteboars where the x and y meet. In easel it’s also at the point the text I’m trying to carve. When I start the carve my router just goes somewhere completely different no where even close to the workpiece. What is going on!!!

When you go through your setup does it ask you to set your home position?
Could you share the Easel file?

What do you mean by easel file

Is it homed before you carve or do you leave it over the work piece? Are you using a probe?

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In Easel, the design program, click File - Share - Share with Link - copy URL and click Save and close.
Paste link here.

That way we can see how the file is setup and where work zero is expected to be.
Why your machine is going placed you didnt expect indicate either:

  • work flow error
  • incorrect step/mm value

There are many reasons that cause your scenario, and with as much detailed information (screen shots, file shared or even photo of your machine with material, ready to carve - can give is clues as to where to start.

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Figured it out. Micro switches inside we’re all flipped backwards.

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i have found a few projects where there is a point or cut or hole out in the area where the machine cannot go. try zooming way out and then click select all if the highlighted area goes off grid then you have something way out there that it wants to cut

I might be having the same issue. Need help to direct me to whee I can get started . Thanks!

Som could you tell up more about the issue you might be having? :grin: