Need Help with Setting Between Two Points

This is the bottom plate for a Thien-style dust separator project.

The link is to a Easel SVG import that I shared (hope I did it right). I need to carved out a dado 3/4" wide by 1/4" deep between to two light gray rings. I intend to use a 1/4" bit.

I cannot figure out how to set the depth for the area between the light gray rings.

Additionally, how to close the paths to cut inside and remove the ‘C’ shape with tabs instead of setting to carve the entire section?

You can make those two lines a compound path in your drawing program and then import. They will select as one object in easel and you’ll be able to set to fill and depth.

this message means your shapes aren’t closed paths. They need to be joined, welded or however your particular program deals with that.

Thank Jason. I might figure it out.

I provided some steps for fixing open paths here - Problemas skechup svg