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Need help with software questions

So a while back my neighbor had a yard sale and i got a good deal on a frame for a 3040 cnc machine. I want to buy all
the electronics that is currently used on the x-carve (nema 23 steppers,aurdino, gshield, power supply, and spindle) mainly because i know nothing about cnc machines and easel is easy enough for me to use. Now the z axis is a different
length on this 3040 cnc comparing to the x carve. i was wondering if there is away i can auto level the bit to base of the cnc or i cant because easel is already preset for the height of the z axis on the x carve.

I am not certain about Easel's internal settings but I do know you can configure the length of travel for each axis in grbl (the software that runs the controller)
As well as max speed of travel and acceleration. (you should be able to get that info from the 3040's makers)

But worse case you just would not be able to use the max Z travel on your machine when using easel. But by the time you get to the point where you /might/ want to you will have enough experience to figure out an alternative.

Ok thank you very much, not certain if im misinterpreting. Bassically i download grbl, set the axis setting in grbl, download grbl settings on aurdino/gshield, then just open up easel right? Oh the z axis working area is 60 mm, is that in the window?

Thanks everyone for your help. Last qeustion though, my 3040 cnc only uses 3 stepper motors and the x carve uses 4 . when i connect those 3 to the gshield it wont short out right?