Need help with this for my grandma

i have this in easel i did image trace. Im trying to get rid of north shore hawaii and year 1989 and replace them with The Swinnie’s and year 1992. I tried in easel, inkscape, vcarve pro. Im really new to these programs. if someone could guide me on exactly how to do it. im just at a loss.

Click once on your text object, press “E” and a bunch of nodes will appear (small white dots)
These can be selected and deleted.

Once complete, supply new text :slight_smile:

Is it that easy? How do you ungroup to get individual objects?

Or draw a box over the top of it, set it to fill and combine it

Yes, however if the design is saturated with nodes what Steve suggest may be considerably faster.
To ungroup use the Xploder-app in Easel :slight_smile:

Thanks for that info.

thank you. i used E and got it right